Leading the Hemorrhage Control Market

Z-Medica, a leader in the hemorrhage control category, works closely with customers to develop innovative products and solutions. With a relentless concentration on smart growth and ongoing product development, Z-Medica is a company focused on hemorrhage control for healthcare providers, military personnel, first responders and consumers around the world.

Guided by Experience and Expertise
Z-Medica has assembled a management team to bring its innovative bleeding control products to market around the world.

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A Clear Vision Enabled by a Focused Plan
For more than a decade, Z-Medica has saved lives and improved medical outcomes by developing new tools to control bleeding. Today, Z-Medica builds on its market leadership with ongoing research, product enhancements, brand building and customer insights. With customers throughout the world and ongoing investment, Z-Medica is determined to solidify its position as a hemorrhage control brand of choice.

Positioned and Funded for Growth
DW Healthcare Partners (DWHP) is Z-Medica’s majority shareholder. DWHP is a healthcare-focused private equity firm dedicated to identifying, nurturing and growing ideas and companies. With DWHP’s investment, Z-Medica has focused on new and innovative products, research and development, growing its healthcare sales team and establishing an international presence.

More than a Decade of Invention and Category Leadership
Z-Medica was founded in 2002 after Apollo Space Program Engineer Frank Hursey discovered a novel hemostatic agent. Mr. Hursey saw the potential value of his discovery and, after partnering with Bart Gullong, they set out to ensure that this innovative product was in the hands of anyone who could use it to save lives. While new and revolutionary products have replaced the original zeolite granular product, the desire to bring leading-edge hemostatic innovation to the world lives on.

As a testament to QuikClot’s efficacy, the U.S. Department of Defense’s Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care (CoTCCC) recommends QuikClot Combat Gauze® as the hemostatic dressing of choice for compressible hemorrhage not amenable to tourniquet use.1

1. Tactical Combat Casualty Care Guidelines 2 June 2014. http://www.usaisr.amedd.army.mil/pdfs/TCCC_Guidelines_140602.pdf. Accessed March 25, 2015.


Z-Medica President & CEO Stephen J. Fanning Named As Semifinalist for Regional Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year®

Z-Medica, LLC, a leading developer and marketer of hemostatic devices, announces that the Company’s President and CEO Stephen J. Fanning has been named as a semifinalist for the New York region Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year® 2017.



Z-Medica Products Approved For Use In Brazil

Z-Medica announces today that a portfolio of QuikClot® products has been approved by the National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA), the Brazilian regulatory agency responsible for medical devices.



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